General FAQs

Why should I have my trash bin cleaned?

Of course doing it yourself is always a chore. And when it is done, there is a lot of wasted water and harmful detergents used.  And it has really not been sanitized effectively to remove the germs.   We not only clean your bin, we disinfect, sanitize and deodorize.

When are your bins cleaned?

Do to the inconsistency in the garbage pickup  times, the bins will be cleaned on the next day, after your trash has been removed. Please leave the bins by the curb if possible. HOAs are ok with this as long as they have been contacted first. You may leave your trash bins up by your house or garage if needed (not too far away). We will return them when cleaned.

How long will it take for my bins to be cleaned from the time I sign up for the service?

Your bin(s) should be cleaned within 14 days of subscribing to our service. If one of your bins is a Recycle bin, we will wait until your recycle day, to do them all. From that point, your bin(s) will be cleaned on a regular basis.

Can I alternate bins each time?

In order to keep our prices down and increase the number of clients to be serviced, each container will have its own identification and only  these marked  bins will be serviced.

You can add an additional bin (one time cleaning), at anytime, as long as you let us know ahead of time. A minimal charge will be applied for each bin added.

How often should I have my bins serviced?

The industry has found that Monthly service is the most effective in keeping the bins sanitized and deodorized, in the most efficient manner. Waiting too long will allow the germs, to buildup and grime to set in again.

How will we know when my trash bin has been cleaned and it is OK to bring them inside?

Of course they will Smell Fresh!  We will also place an easily removable tape on the lid to confirm that the container has been cleaned.

Do you provide this service all year long?

No. The months of December – March are our off-season. All subscriptions will be ‘paused’ in December and a notification will be sent to all active subscribers. The service and subscriptions will resume in March. We do not charge our customers during these months.

When will your trash bin be cleaned on a Holiday?

The Holidays affected, during the months that we clean your bins,  are Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. Republic Services will push their removal day to the day after the holiday, for the rest of the week. We are aware of the Holidays, and will push our cleaning to the day after their removal day.

How do I know when you are coming each time?

You will receive an Email 2 days before we come, and also a text the day before.  You can request a Link to our scheduling software that will let you know when future visits will occur.




Technical FAQs (account settings, payments and subscriptions)

How do I register an account on

You will be prompted to create a password when you purchase a single cleaning or recurring subscription. Your username will be your email address and you will be able to login to using your email address and created password. You can login by clicking the ‘Account’ page on the far right of the navigation menu of the website or by clicking here

How do I login?

If you are not already logged in, you can login by clicking the ‘Account’ page or by clicking here.

How do I logout?

If you go to the ‘Account’ page while logged in, you will be able to logout by clicking  ‘Logout’ at the bottom of the menu on the left or you can logout by clicking here.

How do I view my current subscription(s)?

When you sign up for any of the recurring payment options to receive regular service (monthly, bimonthly or quarterly), you will be able to see your subscriptions by going to the ‘Account’ page and clicking ‘Subscriptions’ on the menu on the left or by clicking here. From this page, you can view your individual subscription(s). You may cancel your subscription or change your payment option at any time.

How do I change my address?

You can change your address by going to the ‘Account’ page and then clicking ‘Addresses’ on the menu on the left or by clicking here

Can I make changes to my subscription after subscribing to it?

Yes. If you go to the ‘Account’ page and click on subscriptions on the menu on the left, you will see the list of subscriptions you have made (or click here). If you want to change one, click ‘view.’ You will see a page that has all of the details of your subscription. There will be a button that says ‘Change Plan.’ If you click this, you will have the options to change the trash day and the number of bins to be cleaned. Changing the number of bins will update the price of your recurring subscription accordingly.

What does ``Pending Cancellation`` mean when I try to unsubscribe to the service?

At any time you may cancel your service from Fresh Bins Cleaning. However, you will technically still be subscribed until the end of your recurring payment period. You will not be billed again as long as you are not subscribed to the corresponding plan.

How do I change my password?

You can get to your account settings page by clicking on ‘Account Details’ while on the ‘Account’ page or by clicking here. From here, you will be able to update your current password by entering your old password and creating a new one.

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you can start the process to setting a new password by clicking the ‘Lost your password?’ link on the account login page or by clicking here.